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Medan Golf Trip 2011: Day 2 at the Graha Metropolitan Golf Club

Day 2 in Medan

As if we didn't have enough fun running around hitting things all day on our first day in Medan, we had another tee time at the Graha Metropolitan Golf Club for some more golfing nonsense and exercise. Originally we had booked a late morning start, around 9am. But for reasons beyond our control (hmmm), all of us woke up for breakfast around 845am and we figured that we'd show up and play in the afternoon.

It was an incredibly sunny day, much hotter than the day before. It seemed as if there were no clouds in the sky, and it was looking like we were in for a long day under the sun. The drive from our hotel to the golf course didn't seem that long at all, so I would already recommend a visit based on travel time alone. As we drove closer to the clubhouse we noticed that everyone was walking instead of riding around in buggies. Although we had heard that it was a walking course the day before, we still didn't really believe it (I don't know why) and I was wondering if any of us had the energy to get around the course in five hours or whatever, with the sun blazing down and slow-roasting us.

The four of us at Graha Metropolitan Golf Club
Now since we didn't show up at 9am like we were supposed to, our tee time was given to someone else. So when we showed up like Don Corleone's boys at 1130am, we were basically told 'you guys aren't gonna play until at least 2pm, because it's a full house today and you all are lazy idiots'. Of course it wasn't said that way, but that's the message that was conveyed. So it was up to Chandra the driver to use his mad negotiation skills to get us a more decent tee-off time. It didn't take much longer than five minutes for him to come back and inform us we could start at noon, and once again, Chandra was the man!!

Fadzli and Razali all smiles before battle
Shot from the 1st tee box. Nice and flat! Good day for a walk
For day 2 of our Best-of-Eleven game series it was decided that we would revert back to our normal matchplay format where each hole can either be won, lost, or drawn. It would make for a much more exciting finish, complete with arguing and underhanded tactics to try and gain any advantage over each hole. Hans and I did not start out well at all. We had lost the first three holes because somehow Fad and Zali got their game on real fast.

Cruising after winning the first 2 holes
By the fourth hole Hans and I figured that we better start something in order to get back into this match. We were blowing it and the others were on form. Thankfully a twin par got us back in the match and we finally had a real battle on our hands. The next six holes was just a game of patience and playing accurate golf. The tension was growing as Fad nailed four pars out of fives holes. We slowly clawed back thanks to some sharp putting and finished the first nine only one hole down. 

Doing it PGA style
On the tenth hole par 5 Hans almost reached the green in two shots, but still finished it with a par to win the hole and get both teams all square again. From then on both teams rallied back and forth hole after hole. We would go one up, then they would win the next hole and it was all square again. The game carried on with both teams concentrating like mad...not talking to the opposing side and being dead serious about what was at stake (it was just bragging rights really, but whatever...this was serious business!). 14 holes had passed before Hans and I finally caught a break on the 15th. Fad missed a putt for double bogey, and we went one up much to our disbelief. With 3 holes to play, we knew we had the advantage. We tried to win the 16th hole, but Fad and Zali managed to halve the hole and keep the game on a knife edge. 

Intense strategic-level discussions went on after every hole...

Fad lets one rip!
On the 17th, my tee shot went left amongst the trees along with Zali's. Unfortunately for him, it took more than one shot to get out of the trees and he was out of position to contend. My 3rd shot landed on the wrong side of the green, and required a monster putt to get closer. Somehow I managed to park it about 6-7 feet below the hole and had a relatively easy putt for bogey. If we won this hole it would be all over. We would go two holes up with only one more to play. With the right amount of pace, the putt swerved ever so slightly and into the cup...and that was that!!

Hans takes in the scenery walking down the 13th fairway
After such a shaky start Hans and I had come away with the win. What a fight!! Gracious in defeat, Fad and Zali admitted that they had enjoyed one of the most closely fought matches we have had so far. I think we all enjoyed the game that day. Although our scores were not super great, the competition was alive, and all four of us knew that we were in for a good series. 

To top off our great day on the course, we were greeted in the clubhouse by the club photographer who had taken a few shots of us on the 1st tee. Because his photos were so cool, we didn't think twice about buying them for posterity. 

So with the second golf game concluded, Hans and I go 2 games up in our Best-of-Eleven Series with the 3rd match still to be contested back in Malaysia.

Admiring the photos the club staff took on the 1st tee

What a day!!

Hans calls home to spread the good news :)

Playing at the Graha Metropolitan was really something. Despite having to walk around the course, it was a short course which was relatively flat as well so it wasn't too difficult to get around 18 holes. The caddies were top notch and very good at pointing out hazards and  where to hit both on and off the green. The layout was very different from the Royal Sumatra where we played the day before, but definitely a challenge and worth checking out. I would recommend this golf course to anyone visiting Medan. 

Just to reiterate, anyone wishing to visit Medan for a few rounds of golf can contact Mr Simon Ng at Liberty Golf Services: for more information on their golf packages.

...So when's the next game boys???..

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